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Randy Warren, attorney


Randy Warren heads up our litigation team. He has practiced law in 31 California counties and practiced before four districts of the Court of Appeal. 

Analytical and articulate, Mr. Warren graduated law school magna cum laude. He was his school’s first accelerated-program law student to also become Valedictorian. He was a five-time winner of academic awards from the prestigious Witkin Legal Institute, including statewide recognition for outstanding oral advocacy.

He co-authored the legal section for the book  “Parental Alienation, DSM-V, and ICD-11”, published in 2010, and reviewed in US News & World Report.

California issues certifications in certain areas of specialization in legal practice. One of these areas is family law. However, none of the qualifications touches upon success in the practice of family law. An attorney can practice for 30 years, lose every single case, and still be a California Certified Family Law Specialist.

Mr. Warren has an exceedingly high “win” rate in cases he has handled in California’s various Superior Courts, and is rated “excellent” by Avvo. With the time requirements to take care of our firm’s clients on a day to day basis, Mr. Warren made the decision to not dedicate the substantial time the state requires in order to obtain this certification.

There is an important difference between a specialist and an expert. California does not certify family law experts.



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